Bildbalger Concepts
Presented to you on this website are the selected works of Craig Shira.

I am an artist whose favorite activity is dreaming of new angles to present artistic ideas. From redesigning existing characters to inventing new stories, I enjoy creating and altering worlds. Using the tools of illustration, animation, video, website creation, and costume design, new realities can be concieved for any purpose. I am seeking a full-time career involving creativity, art, and design. My goals include working on projects that involve conceptual art, story-boarding, story development, color correction, or graphic design.

This drive for exploring creativity through multimedia is evident in my hobbies. I have created diverse lands and castles to explore in massive HTML adventure games, designed and coded DOS adventure games, drawn countless heroes and villains, produced short films (both fiction and non-fiction), written various stories and scripts, become a student of fencing (Olympic foil, German longsword, pike, SCA sword and shield), sewn various costumes, and enjoy gathering fascinating imagry and trivia. If you find that any of these skills might come in handy, I am eager to contract my services.

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